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Inner Mongolia to build non-ferrous metals industry leading enterprises

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Recently, Wang Bo, vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government to Inner Mongolia Geology and Mineral Resources Exploration and Development Bureau (Group) research requirements to play the talent and technology advantages, the policy advantages of the autonomous region, the advantage of rich, non-ferrous metal resources, build and create autonomous regions and even the development of non-ferrous metals industryleading enterprises.

Bo pointed out that the Inner Mongolia in recent years the rapid development of a large extent due to the mineral resources, especially the development and utilization of coal resources, the future development but also the non-ferrous metal article do a good job, Inner Mongolia Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources to play their own advantages, the introduction of advanced technology, especially in geological prospecting non-ferrous mineral exploration to achieve a major breakthrough, the protection of the autonomous region's economic development needs. The same time, the Group of Geology and Mineral Resources should accelerate the improvement of the modern enterprise system, the formation of scientific management mechanism, to promote long-term development, specification development, sustainable development, and further a good mechanism for the formation of the Group of Geology and Mineral Resources of self-development and intrinsic motivation.

Bo pointed out that the autonomous regions determined to promote the rapid development of non-ferrous metal industry, is working on a series of supportive policies, gradually important element of the allocation of resources to the large-scale leading enterprises, exploration, mining, dressing, smelting, plus the development of the industrial chain integration, mining the Group is the preferred support leading enterprises. Inner Mongolia Mining Group to make new contributions to the bigger and stronger non-ferrous metal industry, positive interaction, cooperation with local governments and their comparative advantage, courageously leading the vanguard in the autonomous regions and the development of non-ferrous metals industries.

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