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Company Profile

Wuhu Qianfan Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in March 2010 with a registered capital of 900 million yuan, fixed assets 1,000 Erbai million, with annual sales of more than NT $ 20,000,000, more than one million yuan in profits and taxes of private companies, the company has anti-corrosion construction qualification certificate "qualification, the qualifications of foreign contracted projects and enterprises' overseas investment certificate of the qualification. Committed to building the field of anti-corrosion, specializing in anti-corrosion equipment design, manufacturing, building corrosion design, construction, anti-corrosion materials production and building anti-corrosion technology research and development.

The company is located in the "land of fish and rice, Merchants Portal Wuhu, Anhui, close to China's top ten scenic spot - Huangshan and the four Buddhist holy sites - Jiuhua Mountain, the waterway Air convenient transportation and developed, geographical location, rich cultural heritage.

Companies adhere to the "technology first, quality first" business philosophy, major lines of business include: a variety of anti-corrosion coating spray, brush, paint; rubber, brick panels, glass, steel, plastic, thermal spray, polyurea, stereotype and other The lining of the base surface; chemical cleaning; waterproof, impermeable, fire engineering; metal thermal spraying works; various types of corrosion-resistant floor; electrochemical protection (cathode, anode protection); various types of acid and alkali resistance, gas,
resistance to heat, high temperature, oil, resistance to organic solvents, corrosion engineering; site fabrication and installation of corrosion-resistant equipment; various types of insulation, cold, 3PE pipeline external corrosion engineering; various types of civil engineering decoration works.

A solid theoretical foundation of the company owns a number of experienced technicians and a practice anti-corrosion construction team has a professional anti-corrosion Engineering and qualified staff of about 30 people.
Adhere to scientific and technological progress as the guide; actively introduce and promote the advanced anti-corrosion construction new experiences, new materials, new technology; wide range of technical exchanges and cooperation with universities, research institutions.

The company pursues "Gratitude" spirit of enterprise, adhere to "good faith, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy. Rich experience in construction, state-of-the-art construction technology, perfect quality management system, excellent quality, honest and trustworthy spirit with the majority of new and old customers to establish long-term cooperative relationship. Since 2010, the company began to participate in the implementation of project works outside Jose Silesian participation in Zambia in 2010, has been successfully completed.
The expansion of overseas markets has greatly contributed to the development of the company.

Thousand sails corrosion all the staff are full of enthusiasm, strong east wind riding Wuhu development, adhere to the principle of quality first, actively promote corporate culture, to make the company truly become a harmonious new enterprise in the twenty-first century. We are willing to work with friends from various circles at home and abroad sincere cooperation and seek common development, create a better future.